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Now is a good time to buy one of our locally made hedgehog houses, before the winter sets in. £45 each, including a rag hog.
(The price of timber is very high!)

To order, please e-mail:

Welcome to the website for Felton CAN - Climate and Nature!
Felton and Thirston are neighbouring parishes in the County of Northumberland, England, joined by bridges over the River Coquet.
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Sow wildflowers seeds this Autumn

Would you like an area of wildflowers in your garden?

Felton CAN has bought a supply of 'Restore and Enrich' native seed mix to support bees, butterflies and other pollinators.
This is ideal for over-seeding existing grassland in autumn, when growth has slowed. Rake over or scarify the area, leaving patches of bare soil. Scatter the mix (supplied with sand to make scattering more even). Cut the grass in early spring but not again until late autumn. Then, leave cuttings on the surface for a few days before raking.
The mix contains 23 species, some annual but others perennial, which may not flower in the first year.
Each pack contains 10 grams of seeds and 40 grams of sand - ready to use and enough for about 3.3 square metres.
Packs are free, but donations of £2+ would be welcome. Get them at Gallery Forty5 on Main Street. Otherwise, e-mail:
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Felton CAN aims to protect our environment by conserving wildlife and building resilience to climate breakdown.

To become a Friend of CAN at no cost, please go here.
The state of our river - the Coquet
Our beautiful river flows for 56 miles (90 km) through Northumberland. The entire river is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, valued for its plant and animal species. On the surface, it is a clean river with good water quality. But look deeper and the story is rather different.
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See our display on the River Coquet here.
River watching (for fish rather than sewage).
In 2022, untreated sewage was released into  the River Coquet upstream of Felton on 447 occasions for a total of 3,350 hours (Source: The Rivers Trust).
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Our gazebo will be on the old bridge in Felton in 2024. Dates to be announced in March.

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