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Progress with Project 1: Planting trees

Update, March 2024: We have planted about 1,000 trees this winter, in addition to some 2,000 planted last year. They are mainly silver birch, beech, oak, alder, crab apple, dogwood, blackthorn, hawthorn, and field maple, mainly provided by The Conservation Volunteers and Northumberland County Council.
We have planted trees on the Woodland Burials site south of Felton, on the roads to Wintrick and the A1, on land in West Thirston and near Newton on the Moor, at Acton Hall and Northumberland Zoo, and children planted about 80 at Felton Primary School. We have donated trees for planting in Hazon, Rothbury and Longhorsley.
Planting team at Acton.jpg
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