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Felton CAN developed from a group called Wildlife Felton, as we realised that the loss of wildlife species and the deteriorating climate were two sides of the same coin.

Also, we believe that communities CAN make a meaningful contribution to solutions to both of these problems, if enough of us do so.

Our focus is on projects within Felton and Thirston and the surrounding area and we are fortunate that Northumberland County Council has a quite ambitious Climate Action Plan and the North of Tyne Authority has declared a Climate Emergency.

Three members of Felton CAN are Community Climate Champions under the County Council's volunteer scheme.


If you want to form a CAN group in your town or village in Northumberland, do get in touch:

Felton CAN is based in the twin villages of Felton and Thirston, linked by bridges over the River Coquet in Northumberland, England's most northerly county.

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Key members include:
Caroline Drainer
Hazel Roden
James Perry
Mike Dale
Mike Howard
Simon Terry
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