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Felton CAN - Climate and Nature Safeguarding Policy

Who our policy is aimed at:

Our safeguarding policy covers everyone who takes part in the activities of Felton CAN. Safeguarding concerns extend to any event where Directors, Members, Friends of CAN and volunteers assemble for the purpose of meetings, or volunteering. Guidelines set by the Charity Commission state that a safeguarding policy should be drawn up to cover the ‘at risk’ groups defined as follows:

  • Children up to the age of 16 or young people aged between 16-18

  • Adults at risk – that is anyone over the age of 18 with social care needs, a learning

    or physical disability, or mental health issues.

    It is in the interests of all those involved with Felton CAN for the well being of all members and volunteers to be uppermost and protected by the systems we set in place.


What we do:

Felton CAN is a Community Interest Company established in July 2020 with the aim of protecting nature, promoting the environment and trying to mitigate climate change in our area. We have regular meetings with the Directors and Members, and arrange events such as tree planting, litter picking, weed clearance and other activities to further our stated aims. Any children attending our community events require parental or teacher led supervision. At no point will any CAN Director or Member be left in a position of supervising children or young adults. The same applies for any adult in the ‘at risk’ group who would normally require a carer or nominated adult to be in attendance.

Present safeguarding lead, Moyra Horseman, completed a safeguarding course in 2021 with the charity Safe Families.

How we aim to safeguard CAN Members/Friends and Volunteers:

Risk Assessments for all activities and safety briefings at the start.

Covid secure meetings – Meetings for Directors and Members are held either on Zoom, outdoors, (weather permitting), or in well ventilated, spacious rooms. Attendance is voluntary and at no point will anyone be made to attend a meeting in person if they feel uncomfortable doing so.

Photography – permission is sought when photographs are taken and displayed for publicity purposes. CAN is not able to control the taking of photographs by un- nominated individuals nor at events involving other organisations. External groups, such as local schools and youth groups, would be expected to conduct photography controls according to their own safeguarding guidelines.

Our Values – available on the Friendship and Membership page - shows the values we uphold to promote diversity, integrity and the well being of all Directors, Members/Friends and Volunteers.

Nominated point of contact - For all concerns relating to Safeguarding please contact the following nominated person: Moyra Horseman – email
Secure log - (password protected) of any concerns kept with the above person.

Local Authority Safeguarding bodies – Northumberland and North Tyneside Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) Onecall – 01670 536400 email:

Children – One call number can also be used.

Annual reviews of this policy and amendments made if appropriate. Date of Policy: 03/02/2022 Updated:

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