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Using an electric vehicle charge-point in Felton

These instructions may seem complicated at first, but you’ll soon grow accustomed to the process of recharging.

There are four charge-points located outside the surgery on Main Street.

You can use a unit by:
  • Downloading the Connected Kerb app onto your mobile phone and
  • Registering a debit or credit card or an RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) card that you already have (for example, a supermarket reward card) in the app.

A video showing you how to do this is available at:

To use the Connected Kerb (CK) app, download it onto your mobile phone from the relevant App Store for your device. Register your details, including your credit, debit or RFID card details, in advance of arriving at the charge-point, because the mobile phone signal is weak on Main Street.
Once you have the CK app, open it on your phone and go to Settings, then tap on the app, and enable the app to access your camera.
To download these instructions, go here.
CK Gekko.jpeg
At the charge-point:

Plug your charging cable into your car and then into the socket in the unit. Inserting it may seem rather awkward at first.

Insert the plug into the unit at an angle, twisting it slightly clockwise to fit, and then turn it counter clockwise and push in to engage.

In the app, tap the QR icon midway along the bottom of the screen and point your camera lens at the QR code on the rear of the charge-point.
CK start.jpg
The app should then identify the charge-point unit. If it does not, then type in the number shown on the unit (Enter ID Manually).

You should then see the address of the unit (Main Street, Felton). Tap the Start Charging button, or, if using an RFID card, tap it on the front of the unit. (Tap a second time to stop charging.) Please note that the price of charging is now (March 2024) 50 pence per kWh.

You may have to wait a bit for the charging to begin. Shortly, you should see a button with which to end the charging session when it is convenient to you.

If you have a problem at this stage, return to the previous screen and tap the ‘i’ icon, bottom right. You will see a list of FAQs and the number of the helpline: 0800 029 1696.

When charging is finished:
To remove your cable, turn it a short way clockwise and pull.

If you cannot remove your cable from the unit at the end of a session, first disconnect it from your car. The unit should then identify that the link is broken, and release it.

If you have problems starting or ending a session, try fully closing (but not deleting) the app on your mobile, by gently swiping up with one finger from the bottom of the screen, stopping half way up it. Swipe left or right to select the app and then swipe up to fully close it. Then reopen it and try again. (This is rather like clearing the cache on your computer's web browser.)
CK charging.jpg
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