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'Likes' for our projects to 04.10.21

As expressed by members of the community at Feltonbury, Gallery Forty5 and via this website.
  1. Tree planting - 34 ‘Likes’
  2. Reducing pesticides - 26
  3. Planting wildflowers - 34
  4. Opening footpaths and cycleways - 35
  5. Preparing for electric vehicles - 20
  6. Carbon foot-printing - 15
  7. Generating energy - 21
  8. Repairing and reusing - 20
  9. Preventing floods - 15
TOTAL 220 Likes to date
Your Feedback and our responses
To comments on our display at Gallery Forty5
  • Create a community orchard

    We will liaise with The Plot to explore the idea of establishing an orchard as an extension of their work.
  • Control Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed

    It should be straightforward to remove Balsam from the Back Burn and the River Coquet, but it would require regular work. We will keep this on our list of possible future projects.

  • Make footpaths accessible to wheelchairs and buggies

    We will contact a disability access charity to see if it will give financial support to making footpaths accessible to wheelchairs and buggies.

  • Advise people on creating insect boxes or make some for sale.

    Initially, we will offer chopped, rotted wood for use as bug hotels and publish an article on our website and in The Bridge.

  • Offer a tree sapling per garden.

    This is already available from the County. We will publicise it next year.

  • Create hedgehog corridors.

    Advise has been posted on the Practical Tips page on this site. We make hedgehog houses for sale.

  • Form a car club

    We will look into organisations that franchise local car clubs, and relevant apps. The installation of EV charge-points in Felton could provide an energy source for a car club.

  • Community seeds provision

    We offer wildflower seeds for a donation.

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